Located in the centre of Lugano, the practice offers patients and doctors in the canton of Ticino imaging diagnostics with specialised medical services of the highest professionalism and state-of-the-art technology. Every activity within the centre is carried out competently thanks to the high level of preparation and experience of the medical and paramedical staff.

Short-term appointments allow for a quick follow-up. The reports are usually sent to the referring doctor on the same day as the examination.

Timetables and contacts

Our institute is located in the city centre of Lugano at Via Pretorio 9 and is easily accessible.


Inselspital Berna, Istituto di Neuroradiologia,
Dr. med. Frank Mosler

Inselspital Berna, Istituto di Radiologia Addominale, PD Martin Maurer

Ospedale Cantonale di Aarau,
Istituto di Radiologia

Centro di Senologia
della Svizzera Italiana

Centro di Senologia
Clinica Sant’Anna

Centro Cardiologico Ticino